Herbstangebote 2010 - 728x90



over the  secure contact with bears,



  • to be ware any contact with wild bears:
    not feed - to remain aloof,
    also when you must disclaim to the perfect photo!

  • dogs hold in the leash.
    Dogs can irritate bears and irritate to the attack.

  • Store no food in the tent.
    Food belongs in the boot of the car or in a lockable reservoir which you attach at least 4 meters about the ground(bottom) and 1 meter of the tree trunk removed.

  • your sleep sleeping place should be removed at least 50 meters from the cooking place and the food depot.
    Construct your tent not in the closely covered forest, next to the lake, the river border or near to animal paths.

  • Carry clothes free of smell.
    Empty out the dishwater at least 100 meters of the storage place removes.

  • Prepare no strong-smelling or greasy meals.
    Burn out empty tin cans in the campfire.

  • To holds you your storage place cleanly.
    Keep the waste in reservoirs sure(safe) about bear, or transport him immediately.
     Bury no waste - Bears smell this and can dig out him.

  • Clean fish only in the liquid water.
    Burn the intestines and rests(remainders).

  • Use no perfume, no strongly parfürmierte soap, no deodorant, shampoo, etc.

  • Do not surprise the bears.
    To holds ready you  noise maker (bells, whistle, etc).
    On footpaths in the bush you should sing or talk(enjoy) according to.
    Never walk only or at the darkness.

  • Never get between a bear's mother and their childs.

  • To holds far you to itself of the living space of the bears (Berry fields, mountain caves, brooks or rivers with spawning salmons, etc.)
    If you discover fresh traces of bears (Shit, to paw-pure in the ground (bottom), cinch marks in trees, etc.) , leave immediately the area.

  • Are particularly careful while walking if a strong wind blows.


What do if one to one met?

  • Do not run away!

  • Remain quiet and remain a person, so,  imitate no bear's sounds !
    Go backward slowly, speak slowly and according to, move the arms up and down.
    Dont look the bear in the eyes.

  • Go to your car or climb on a tree so high as possible.

  • Throw big subjects (backpack etc) away around the bear to change the subject.

  •  Direct your behavior with a bear's attack after the individual situation and the bear's species. Black and grizzlies differ in their behaviour and their motivation. Bears defend aggressively their populated area, their fodder and their childs. Bears are animals of prey and always on the search for food.


    The best council is to be played "deadly".
    To resistance spurs on the bears only to bigger aggressiveness.
    Fall yourselves, pull up the knees to the chest and fold the hands behind the neck.


    Perform to resistance! Use everything what you possess, as a weapon: sticks, stones, hands, feet. Determined defence is the best method to hit to black bears in the flight.


  • To holds ready you always bear's means of defence (pepper spray, noise maker like whistles, bells, etc.)                               the last actualization in 28.11.2010

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